Safety Rules for Inflatable Bounce Ride


  1. No shoes allowed on ride
  2. All riders must empty all pockets.
  3. All riders must remove eyeglasses, jewelry, and any hard or sharp objects before entering ride.
  4. Riders must be grouped according to age and size before entering ride.
  5. No flips, wrestling, or other forms of rough housing allowed while on ride.
  6. Do not bounce closer than four feet from each other.
  7. Do not bounce on step or near doorway.
  8. No climbing or hanging on the outside walls or roof.
  9. No one is allowed on ride while it is being inflated or deflated.
  10. Do not erect in high wind.
  11. If during operation the wind becomes excessive(20mph), unload occupants and deflate the ride.
  12. This ride is not to be used when raining or wet. Do not spray water on ride for any reason. No silly string or glitter is to be used.
  13. Number of riders should be limited according to age and size and is the responsibility of adult in charge.
  14. 13'X13' Jump Around recommends no more than 6-7 riders

    15'X15' Jump Around recommends no more than 8-9 riders

  15. Unit must be anchored prior to and during operation.
  16. Persons not following the safety rules will be asked to leave.

Be Safe Not Sorry