How to Rent

Renting is easy!!

Simply fill out our Email Inquiry Form or call

MA 617-323-8353 or RI 401-658-0968

(toll) 1-866-JUMP NOW

Leave your name, phone number, the Moonwalk you choose from our Moonwalk Gallery, and the date and location of your event.

We will determine if the model you requested is available at that time and get back to you as soon as possible either through your e-mail address or phone number.

Jump Around recommends that you reserve your Moonwalk at least two weeks in advance for not every model is available everyday.

Prices range for certain days of the week and times of the year so please call for a price quote. Average price is $130 for full day rental.

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Delivery is available in certain areas or if you prefer you can schedule an appointment to pick the Moonwalk up at a determined location. Check out our Delivery Page to see if we can deliver to your location.

Jump Around requires a security deposit of $50 left on a major credit. Our policy is we do not apply anything to your card unless you cancel due to rain or any other reason. No exceptions. If a cancellation does arise, $50 will be applied to your card, and you can use the $50 credit toward another rental up to 16 months from your cancellation date.